five minutes of clarity

Clarity is releasing a series of five minute videos for clients and the community, focusing on topics and strategies that are relevant to current needs.  The last series focused on "Being Patient in an Inpatient World" and reviewed skills for the holidays. The newest series titled "Vibe Changers" looks at concepts for tolerating intense stress and navigating through uncertainty.  The videos are a tool and a resource as we enter into a new year.


Our Newest Series: "Vibe Changers"

Video 1: The TIPP Skill

Video 2: Thought Diffusion

Video 3: ACCEPTS from DBT


Series 2:  "Being Patient In An Inpatient World"

Video 1: Mindfulness (HOW and WHAT Skills)

Video 2: Window Of Tolerance

Video 3: Stages Of Change


Series 1: "Surviving The Holidays"

Video 1: Overview of DBT's Interpersonal Skills

Video 2: DEARM MAN skill

Video 3: GIVE & FAST skills


Video 1:  The Tipp Skill

Alicia Ayvas, LCSW, CEDS-S is defining the TIPP skill from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  She will walk through each skill set and review examples to help with coping through very intense feelings or sensations.





Alicia Ayvas, LCSW, CEDS-S is defining mindfulness and reviewing the HOW and WHAT skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  She will review useful and easy strategies for the upcoming holiday break.


Video 1:  Interpersonal Skills


This 5 minute video will highlight skills for getting your needs met this holiday season while maintaining your values and self respect .

Video 2: Thought Diffusion

Rachael Scholl, LCSW is back to define what thought diffusion is and ways this skill can be powerful in changing your vibe when stress is heightened. 





Video 2: Window of tolerance

The lovely Rachael Scholl, LCSW is reviewing what window of tolerance is and talks about hyper and hypo functioning. This is a great reminder of where someone defaults to when coping given the uncertainty ahead in 2021.


Video 2: DEARM MAN skill


Rachael Scholl, LCSW is going to review how to get your wants and needs met this holiday season. She will provide a "script" to follow so that you can communicate boundaries or needs effectively.

Video 3: The ACCEPTS SKill

The talented Tori Palmer, LMSW will finish this series by reviewing an all time favorite DBT Skill, ACCEPTS.  She will highlight ways to distract yourself when stress levels are high and help you change your vibe.



Video 3: Stages of change

Tori Palmer, LMSW talks on stages of changes, reviewing the natural progression of change. This is very poignant given the current state of our country let alone holiday season.  She will provide education and strategies when it comes to change.

Video 3: GIVE & FAST skills


Our very own Tori Palmer, LMSW is excited to meet with you for 5 minutes to review the GIVE and FAST Skills from DBT.  This is a great tool for keeping relationships even if you are not seeing "eye to eye" while maintaining your self respect.