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Clarity is releasing a series of five minute videos for clients and the community, focusing on topics and strategies that are relevant to current needs.  The second series focused on strategies as we prepare for the holiday season. 


Series 2: "Being Patient in an Inpatient World"

Video 1: Mindfulness

Video 2: Window of Tolerance

Video 3: Stages of change




Monthly Newsletter

Clarity writes a monthly newsletter for outreach within the community and inspiration on a variety of topics.

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Monthly Lunchtime Webinar

 Clarity is excited to offer a FREE lunchtime webinar on the last Friday of the month at 1pm - 2pm over Zoom.  Last month, Clarity focused on skills and strategies to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please look at our most recent newsletter HERE to read more about the upcoming webinar and email our intake coordinator on the CONTACT portion of this website to register.




School Prevention Program

Eating disorders are life threatening and reaching epidemic proportions. According to the
National Institute of Health, “10% of eating disorder sufferers die” and “86% report onset of illness by the age of 20.” Adolescents are at prime risk for developing an eating disorder and the team at Clarity Counseling would like to help by extending resources and information through their School Prevention Program. 

This is an age appropriate program created for the prevention, identification and intervention of eating disorders. The presentation involves an eating disorder specialist, providing information to students, parents, and/or professionals about the seriousness of eating disorders and how they can identify one in themselves or friends. Students will be asked to look at media messages and changes in society, while identifying the different disorders and discuss on why people develop eating disorders, why they are dysfunctional and life threatening, and healthy alternative cope strategies. It will also address what students/parents/professionals can do if he/she suspect that a friend or family member has an eating disorder.

Please contact Alicia Ayvas  at aayvas@gmail.com if you are interested in Clarity's School Prevention Program or have any questions/concerns on presentation topics. This is a great way to educate and help students, parents, and/or professionals to identify and intervene in this life threatening and serious disorder.